More than 16 years ago Paul Barron started a revolution in restaurant and hospitality.  He called it Fast Casual, and since then it has become the leading restaurant segment in a $500 billion dollar market.  As the founder of Fast and two industry leading websites, as well as the innovator of the highly acclaimed Fast Casual Executive Summit Paul has been on the forefront of most of the leading trends in the restaurant business.

He is often referred to as "The Change Agent" in the industry and  welcomes it with open arms. As a Publisher and new media maven Paul has  spent most of his career developing online media to build brands and  amass audience.  "I feel fortunate as a founder of many blogs, podcasts,  viral video and social media platforms to help lead this amazing  industry into new ways to communicate and engage."

Paul also  created the Fast Casual Alliance, which recently merged with the  National Restaurant Association and was reformed as the Fast Casual Industry Council.   My commitment to connecting leaders and innovators for a common goal is  my key focus in business.  Paul speaks often on topics such as Business Leadership,  Innovations in publishing, technology and emerging trends in the  restaurant business.  Paul started speaking on Social Media as far back  as 2006 and was recently considered the "Most Influential Business Person in the restaurant industry"

As an early adopter, consumer science master, programmer, designer,  social creator and best of all a student of the actual technology that  drives the web and this entire new media craze, Paul clearly understands  what it takes to create a digital footprint and develop a social brand  in today's online world.

Recently Paul founded a new Digital Brand Development firm called DigitalCoCo which has within months become the leading digital brand development  group in the restaurant business.  With partnerships with several  national Fast Casual brands Paul and his team are on track to remake the  restaurant business from the digital inside out.  His favorite quote  "We transform business in to passion and passion into business."

For speaking engagements for your business or brand contact Paul on Twitter.  To get Paul and his team to help you develop a digital powerhouse for your brand contact him here!