Foursquare's Website Just Got a Whole Lot More Useful

In the latest of a series of updates to the scope of its functionality, Foursquare launched a redesigned website today that breathes new life into the service's desktop presence. Whereas the popular location-based social network has always existed predominantly on people's phones, today's update makes a vastly more useful destination than it used to be.

The first thing one notices upon logging into the new Foursquare website is a map that spans the width of the page. If you've allowed your browser to do so, the map will show where you are on the map and display a number of nearby establishments. This isn't just a stale "You are here" mall directory-style map of your neighborhood. The local businesses it shows you have some real intelligence behind them. Read More

Posted on November 17, 2011 and filed under Best Practices.