The Food App Wrap!

Restaurants and food have gone high tech! Apps for foodies and hungry consumers alike have been evolving over the past few years. New apps are being developed every day that cater to the everyday eater, the foodie, the budding chef and the health conscious consumer. With the increase in smart phone use and the changing face of how we receive our information, do our research and read reviews, it is no surprise that we want reliable information in the shortest time possible.

Restaurants show the most promise in the use of technology to spread their culinary delights as they have the largest group of consumers that are embracing such technology.  61% of the Starbucks Facebook and Twitter fan base have engaged in the use of a mobile food app to check-in, shoot a pic or just have fun with an app to enhance the brand experience.   The top most mobile loved restaurant brands by number of consumers that utilize apps to engage the food industry is a who's who list of the top consumer brands in the U.S.

1) Starbuck's - 61%
2) Subway - 58%
3) Chipotle - 56%
4) Applebee's - 48%
5) McDonald's - 44%

The constant addition of apps shows us that as a culture we are increasingly becoming more conscious of the food and restaurant choices we make. Names such as:,, and have consistently satisfied hunger pains across the country.  With over 60,000 food apps available, how can the everyday operator and consumer keep up? What are some of the newest apps that are catering to our palates? Here is the wrap-up on the newest food apps:

Starbucks Cup Magic: Brand New! This augmented reality app is being released just in time for the holidays. Starting next Monday, Starbucks customers can animate their coffee cups using their smartphones.

Oink: Oink creates an environment of trust. This app allows customers to rate different items at different places. These ratings are shared on social networks where “trusted” friends and associates can compare scores.

OpenTable: Restaurant Reservations – Free, Instant, Confirmed. With OpenTable for iPhone you can make free restaurant reservations at more than 15,000 OpenTable-enabled restaurants in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Plus, OpenTable members earn valuable Dining Rewards Points redeemable for Dining Cheques good at any OpenTable restaurant.

FastFood: This Top Restaurant finder shows great restaurant deals, menus, reviews, ratings and a handy map all on one page. Great way to find the eateries serving your ideal meals in any city.  

The Eatery: This new app for the iPhone keeps all of your important food information in one handy location. You can track how much you ate, what you ate, when you ate and snap a pic of your meal. Easy sharing feature allows your friends on Facebook to take a peek and rate your food choices.

Posted on November 9, 2011 and filed under Best Practices.