Chipotle Effect set to release 2011

The changing landscape of the American food consumer is shifting rapidly and these changes are having a major impact on future restaurants demonstrated in this new book by Paul Barron, renowned entrepreneur, publisher and restaurant industry innovator. 

With his credibility literally off the charts, Paul brings incredible insights and contributions to the food industry, demonstrated by his being credited with the early identification of the Fast Casual restaurant segment.  As the man responsible for coining the term “Fast Casual,”  besides creating the first industry website at, he has gone on to develop the first industry event held in the Fast Casual Executive Summit.  Paul also cultivated the executive brain trust for the Fast Casual Alliance, which is now part of the National Restaurant Association. In addition to being the first to track the top 100 brands in 2006 in partnership with NetWorld Alliance, he is also responsible for spearheading the first industry benchmark report in 2008.

With a massive Twitter audience of approximately 70,000 fans, Paul presents a very popular blog that is considered the “thought leader” in social media, digital branding, and restaurant innovations.  As a global speaker on the topic of technology, social media marketing, digital brand building and the emerging Fast Casual Consumer.  Paul also sits as an advisor for a Fast Casual specific private equity group focused on bringing innovative concepts to market, he also sits on The Fast Casual Industry Council in addition to participating at the executive level with many top restaurant brands.

The Magic of The Chipotle Effect

Above and beyond the countless details that reveal the very first consumer analytics data for the restaurant business, this book addresses trends for the Fast Casual Restaurant, with details that relate to the many successful businesses in this segment. The ultimate purpose of the book is to enlighten the many who have an interest in this field, as it covers a variety of aspects for those in the restaurant and retail  business and any entrepreneur seeking to better the overall consumer experience.  In a book that has been 18 years in the making, Paul provides an objective and comprehensive understanding of the social savvy consumer and their connection to how businesses work in today’s society.  Offering a broad view into when consumers shifted to a new medium and how that medium affects the more than 600 billion dollar restaurant industry, it is in essence the magic of what Fast Casual entails.  

Posted on May 1, 2011 .