Ruth’s Chris Serves Up Steak and Inspiration for Women

IT’S been belabored in women’s magazines and among women themselves that eating foods like bread can lead to social isolation, a dormant love life and belly fat that could sentence women to a wardrobe of muumuus. There have been knocks, too, on avocados, egg yolks and the ever-menacing blueberry muffin.

But somehow through this chatter about rich, indulgent food, the protein-rich steak has been spared. It’s the beefy luxury that some women will allow themselves. Still, many shy away from clubby steakhouses, especially dining rooms dominated by men. That’s why Ruth’s Chris Steak House, a Winter Park, Fla.-based company with 134 restaurants worldwide, is taking a two-tiered approach to draw women in. Read More


Posted on October 9, 2012 and filed under Best Practices.