Glam Media launches social network for food lovers

There are magazines, television shows and books about food. So why not a social network?

That's the thinking behind online lifestyle publisher Glam Media's newest offering. On Thursday, the company launched, a social network devoted entirely to the gastronomic crowd.

The move represents an important expansion for Glam into the ever-popular, advertising-friendly world of food-related media, from restaurant reviews to recipes. In a change from its traditional practice of creating websites that showcase articles about fashion and health, Glam is betting that food lovers want a specialized social network to indulge their palates.

Users of can create profiles for the service with their existing Facebook or Twitter credentials. Once signed-on to the social network, they can follow chefs and food writers, share their own musings and dig through a recipe finder, among other activities.

Glam has enlisted more than 100 food writers and bloggers, as well as an advisory board of culinary experts including food critic Patricia Wells and Iron Chef winner Geoffrey Zakarian, to produce content for the service.

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Posted on February 9, 2012 .