Starbucks to Offer $10-for-5 Charity Deal Wednesday

Google Offers users will have a chance at a little more Starbucks coffee for less, with proceeds going toward the 'Create Jobs For USA' Fund

Who doesn’t love getting a little more for less, especially when some of that little you do spend ends up going to a good cause? Starbucks and Google are betting on it. Tomorrow, Google Offers is giving its subscribers the chance to grab a $10 Starbucks for the low, low, 50 percent-off price of $5.

Google announced the deal via its Commerce Blog, celebrating its first ever deal with Starbucks – an impressive feather in the company’s daily deals cap, considering the sheer numbers that the coffee brand is capable of pulling in every day, deal or no deal. But it’s not all about the coffee. Michael Haswell, Google Commerce Head of Business Development, adds in the press release that proceeds from the deal will go to support the Create Jobs for America Fund:

The Starbucks Google Offer includes a contribution to a good cause. For every deal purchased, Google Offers will donate $3 to the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) for the Create Jobs for USA Fund (up to $3 million). Founded by Starbucks and OFN, the Create Jobs for USA Fund helps provide loans to community businesses in order to create and sustain jobs in America. So, when you buy this Google Offer, you’re also taking action to help Americans get back to work. 

Unfortunately for international and rural dwellers, Google Offers is only currently available in 40 major U.S. cities. But if you’re on the list and are prepared to subscribe to Google’s daily deals program, it’s a pretty sweet little deal. Read More

Posted on April 4, 2012 and filed under Best Practices.