QR Codes, Mobile Payments Especially Popular for Food Businesses

Is paper cash becoming a collector’s item like the Buffalo nickel?

It would seem that way, considering the increase in the number of plastic-only food establishments. A number of restaurants and food trucks make paying with the swipe of a card on a smartphone as easy as foodtruck mini-pies. The latest, and seemingly most convenient, mobile payment option is paying via a QR code.

In San Francisco’s Metreon, a gourmet sandwich shop called Split Breadis the latest eatery to offer such service. Each tabletop has a metal stripe with a QR code printed on it. Patrons sit down and scan the QR code with their smartphones to pull-up the digital menu. Customers place their order without ever speaking to a real person. When their order is ready, they pick it up at the counter.

You can also order ahead and grab sandwiches to-go, entering your expected pick-up time online. But one thing you can’t do is pay with cash. The manager of Split Bread told me that about 30% of their customers order and pay through the QR codes on the tables. Eventually, they hope to get that number to 100%. But, he said, they might keep a register to two in order to keep the not-so- QR-savvy customers coming back. Read More

Posted on September 13, 2012 and filed under Mobile Marketing.