DigitalCoCo Talks 'Brand Love' On NBC News The Bottom Line

Who do you love? On social media, the answer seems to be Starbucks.

The ubiquitous coffee house chain is the "most loved" of 3,400 food and restaurant brands, according to an analysis of social media sentiment in the first half of 2012 conducted by DigitalCoCo, a marketing agency.

Despite being satirized by everyone from Mike Myers as Austin Powers to your cousin's blog, Starbucks routinely scores at the top of the list among all consumer brands, not just food and beverage brands.

One reason is its success in appealing to "super influencers," -- mainly men and women in the 18-49 age range, DigitalCoCo said.

But how do you measure ‘love?’ Social media has enabled marketers to track millions of postings and ‘likes,’ said Paul Barron the founder of DigitalCoCo. Facebook is one of 16 social media sites his company uses to feed its database made up of millions of consumers. Their comments are used to rate the food, service and experience at thousands of locations.

“Some consumers really do stand up and tell the world ‘I love it,’” Barron said. “We can measure it.” Read More

Posted on September 7, 2012 and filed under Restaurant Social Media.