Lifestyle: Why It's Important For Brands to go Full Circle

Branding. Its meaning has become a multi-dimensional avenue, filled with so much breadth and possibility to bring a business to life. An art form, really. With the rise and integration of social media throughout the business landscape, transparency has prevailed, bridging the gap between consumers and a brand. However, with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter gaining momentum toward critical mass, what happens next? The key is to maintain value once you’re on the radar.


We get it: “Content is king” is an overused buzz phrase you never want to hear again, but the concept is true. People seek value in brands just like in any other relationship, and if you’re not providing it, they’ll go elsewhere to find it. The brands who are doing it right provide this value in many ways, but a huge part of it lies in good content. 

Approaching an outlet like Twitter, where most consumers are, as a one-stop-shop of quality content is crucial in maintaining consumer interest on social. Connecting an audience to something like an educational or entertaining article or story, or just a humorous photo or video, creates top of mind between that information and your brand. In time, coupled with good customer service, valuable content has the ability to build trust – the ultimate factor in attaining loyal customers – and allows for a transparent, mutually beneficial consumer-brand relationship. Read More

Posted on December 10, 2013 and filed under The Chipotle Effect.