3 Digital Brand Tips for Restaurants in the New Year



2014 will mark the year that brands shift from “selling” to “telling” their story by integrating native ads, branded content – whatever you may call it. Now, with almost every major brand present on a social platform of some kind, the vehicle to deliver content to thousands or millions is easily approachable by almost any size business. As marketers address this amazing shift in strategy, it will take creative thinkers with a highly credible and disciplined approach, one that will prove to be challenging for the fainthearted marketing that’s gotten so used to action-based tactics for the past two decades.

1. Stop selling. This will be difficult, but is a must for content to be truly consumed in a way that people never forget. Ads are easy to forget, stories are forever. If you are a great story teller, then you have the edge over your competition.

2. Understand your audience. I know everyone says this today, but the reality is that metrics from social, in-bound marketing and email all have the ability to provide you a new understanding for who your audience really is. Additionally, spread your content in a way that yields a breakdown of what content audiences are engaging with. Many social and email platforms offer multi-variant testing to determine best response on programs such as this. Read More

Posted on December 31, 2013 and filed under Best Practices.