7 Innovations of Highly Imaginative Restaurants

Unique practices—presently at inception—may shape the future.

Long before any foodservice trend goes mainstream, visionary chefs, restaurateurs, and mixologists are crafting unique offerings to entice, energize, and entertain American diners. At the point of inception, foodservice trends often gain traction at fine-dining establishments or in authentic ethnic eateries—environments where convention is more easily challenged and imagination can flourish independent of systemized operations.

In collaboration with Datassential, a Chicago-based firm that tracks foodservice trends, FSR highlights seven innovative practices that are entering or moving beyond the point of inception:

Micro-pairing Merges Bar and Kitchen

Photo Credit: FSR Magazine

Like chef-driven menus and house-branded alcohol, micro-pairing—an imaginative cocktail created specifically for one dish—is on the rise as chefs and bartenders collaborate to deliver that distinctive culinary experience. Read More.

Posted on March 29, 2013 and filed under Restaurant Marketing.