Fast-Casual Chains Gobbling Up Catering Biz

Throwing a wedding shower? Call Panda Express to cater it.Photo Credit: AdvertisingAge

Fast-casual chains are leading growth in the catering category, which has increased significantly since the recession. Even as pinched consumers slashed their restaurant spending, they invested more in catering -- and not just through local restaurants and delicatessens. Almost a third of consumers now cater through fast-casual chains.

Chipotle earlier this year announced it was bringing catering to Denver, its hometown, and will roll out catering nationally.

"It fascinated us," said Melissa Wilson, principal at Technomic. "Even when consumers were watching pennies, they're still very time-pressed," and invested more in catering when they entertained at home. She added that while consumers increased their catering spending during the recession, corporations cut theirs.  READ MORE

Posted on April 25, 2013 and filed under The Chipotle Effect.