Eastchester bans fast-casual chain restaurants

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MYFOXNY.COM -The town of Eastchester in Westchester County has banned "fast-casual" chain eateries. Examples of the restaurants include Cosi and Quiznos.

"Generally speaking you have a corporate driven architecture, you have a milliard decor, it's a plastic bubble menu, it generates a lot of noise, pedestrian traffic, vehicular traffic and it diminishes the character of the community," Supervisor Anthony Colavita.

The Town Board examined its zoning code and found it did not cover 'fast-casual' chain eateries so members decided to take action.

"We further reinforced the notion we do not want fast food in our community and we decided this fast-casual thing is not something we want here," said Colavita.

Posted on April 8, 2013 and filed under Fast Casual.