The Better Burger Craze

The burger will forever be an American Classic: It’s been re-invented, re-named, and re-bunned in so many different ways, it’s safe to say this meaty (or veg, depending on personal preference) staple is never going away. The Huffington Post surveyed around 1,000 American diners about their burger eating habits.  Survey says: these diners consume an average of 4.3 times a month, or roughly once a week. Burgers are one of the most powerful and popular food items in the restaurant business, so it’s no wonder so many fast casuals have jumped on the burger bandwagon.


The fast casual segment is the perfect home for burgers. America has gotten into the ‘Better Burger Craze,’ and this means not only hormone- and antibiotic-free meat, but chicken, turkey, and veggie burgers, as well. Unlike fast food, these burgers are made-to-order from fresh ingredients right before your very eyes. Casual dining restaurants are having trouble competing with this fast casual segment simply because on the fast casual front, the same quality burgers are offered at a fraction of the cost - sometimes with fresher ingredients.


With so many fast casual burger joints popping up to meet this demand, will the craze sizzle out? Most likely not, as long as burger places keep up with the times. This means coming up with new and exciting burgers, as well as concepts. Smashburger has raised the ‘better burger' bar by deciding to pair the burger with America’s favorite adult beverage: craft beer. BurgerFi is another example of burger places trying to beat out the competition with new and innovative ideas.


Giraffas, a Brazilian themed fast casual, is also evolving the burger by adding their own flavor. No matter which way you flip it, burgers are here to stay. The question is, who will break the better burger mold?

Posted on May 28, 2013 and filed under The Chipotle Effect.