Ad of the Day: Chipotle Makes Magic Yet Again With Fiona Apple and a Dark Animated Fil

Fiona Apple, CAA Marketing and the Oscar-winning  animators at Moonbot Studios prove to be impressive collaborators as  Chipotle takes the formula that worked so well two years ago—celebrity  cover of a famous song + gorgeous long-form animation + potent  environmental message—and replicates it for a new campaign.

In fact, it enhances the formula by adding a gaming component, too.

Like the acclaimed, award-winning "Back to the Start" campaign, the new effort, called "The Scarecrow," is another grand  statement from the restaurant chain about the world of industrial food  production. The centerpiece is a free, arcade-style adventure game for  the iPhone and iPad, supported by an animated short film of the same  name. Read More

Posted on September 13, 2013 and filed under The Chipotle Effect.