Asian Box Spotlights Unique Beverage In Alcohol Program

 Photo Credit: QSR Magazine

Photo Credit: QSR Magazine

In the search for an alcoholic beverage program to boost its influence with Millennials, Asian street food brand Asian Box stumbled upon an option that goes beyond the typical beer and wine selections: hard cider.

CEO Frank Klein says ciders are not only novel and differentiating, but also go well with the spicy food Asian Box serves. “They’re earthy, they have texture, they have sometimes bright fruit flavors, they have acids,” Klein says. “We really wanted to offer something that was different, but also something that was progressive within our core segment, which is Asian food.”

Because Asian Box is a certified gluten-free restaurant, Klein says the brand wanted to create a beverage program—ciders included—that fit this bill. Each cider is both gluten free and sourced locally. Read More

Posted on September 17, 2013 and filed under The Chipotle Effect.