Learn How to Connect with the Next Generation of Customers


“Young people today have been marketed to since they were newborns, because cartoons are made to sell cereal. So as a consequence, they have the most sophisticated bulls*** detectors of all time. ... If something is created in a boardroom, if something is created by consensus, if something is created by a bunch of Baby Boomers who say it will be cool, like, ‘We are going to do skateboarding’ or something, it will not work.”

If you don’t understand that, you’re about to be left behind. That quote is from Shane Smith, the founder of Vice Media, who was recently featured on PBS’s “Charlie Rose.” His company is referred to as the “Time Warner of the Streets” and produces magazines, online videos, and a new, highly acclaimed show on HBO, “Vice.” Read More

Posted on September 27, 2013 and filed under The Chipotle Effect.