Social Media for Food Trucks: Building Loyalty across North America

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Looking for a mouth-watering bite? It may be parked right in front of your nose. Catering to on-the-go foodies looking for a quick and tasty meal, food trucks are shaking up the food industry across North America.

But many of these “start-up” restaurants are serving up more than just good food to their customers. Here’s what three of the best food trucks in North America are doing to build relationships and engage with customers on social media.

The Grilled Cheese Truck

In November 2009, the world’s first grilled cheese truck opened its windows to fans who melted for this savory sensation. Since then, ‘The Grilled Cheese Truck’ has become so popular that CEO, Founder and Chef (aka the big cheese), Dave Danhi has opened 7 trucks across America with plans for further expansion. Embraced both locally and internationally, their melts have landed them “Best Food Truck” over 10 times, “Top 10 Sandwiches in the Country” and countless television appearances. Read More

Posted on September 3, 2013 and filed under food trucks.