How Starbucks, Target Are Getting Millennial Mom Marketing Right

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Millennial moms are a lucrative demographic for mobile marketers, but brands need to shift from pushing aggressive coupons and offers to using more content-heavy strategies to win over this group.

Although millennial moms lend themselves well to mobile with time-sensitive and exclusive content, the demographic also presents a number of unique challenges. There is also a growing shift from marketers targeting millennial moms to leverage CRM and data in hopes of tracking a consumer through the entire lifestyle instead of using mobile for one-off promotions.

“Knowing that mobile solutions can help moms with their life and sanity, marketers needs to identify what moms want and need, create an experience that solves for these wants and needs,” said Molly Garris, digital strategy director at Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide, Chicago. “Only then will they be able to offer something useful.” Read More

Posted on April 10, 2014 and filed under Millennial Marketing.