Restaurants That Offer Nutrition Facts and Healthful Foods More Popular

According to researchers at Penn State and the University of Tennessee, customers are more likely to frequent restaurants that provide both healthful foods and nutrition information.

"The Affordable Care Act has mandated that chain restaurants -- those with more than 20 restaurants -- provide nutrition information to customers," said David Cranage, associate professor of hospitality management. "Many restaurants had been fighting this legislation because they thought they would lose customers if the customers knew how unhealthy their food was. In this study, we found that customers perceive restaurants to be socially responsible when they are provided with nutrition facts and healthful options and, therefore, are more likely to patronize those restaurants."

To conduct their study, the researchers presented participants with various scenarios, including the presence or absence of nutrition information and the presence or absence of healthful foods. Read More

Posted on April 8, 2014 and filed under Restaurant News.