Why You Should Be Treating Your Restaurant Like A Data Company

Operators: Stop Being Afraid of Mobile & Tech



Remember that time you thought building brand presence on social media platforms was optional? A lot has changed in the past three years regarding the way we approach business, proving that brands need to have presence in the socialsphere in order to remain relevant.

At the 3rd Annual Fast Casual Trends & Directions Conference in Chicago, hosted by the NRA in partnership with Technomic and DigitalCoCo, leaders in the fast casual space took the stage at the Ritz-Carlton to provide insight on their expertise.

Paul Barron, Founder and CEO of DigitalCoCo and Foodable WebTV Network, and author of The Chipotle Effect, took the stage to solidify that social media, mobile and technology in restaurants isn’t optional. Research pulled from DigitalCoCo’s proprietaryRestaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) shows that consumer social engagement with a fast casual brand has doubled in the past three years. And for those wanting to put a price tag on social ROI, annual revenue attributed to social consumers in 2013 was estimated at $750 billion (yes, with a ‘b’). Read More