The 7 Biggest Issues Keeping CMOs Up At Night

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What do marketing professionals really care about? What’s on their wish list? The Marketing Science Institute (MSI) is a consortium of over 75 major firms from all industries that provide an interface between practitioners and academics. Every other year, the MSI goes through a process to identify the priority issues marketing practitioners are facing in order to provide guidance to academic research. The 2014 results are out.

There are two tier one issues, five tier two issues, and four tier three issues.


Understanding customers and the customer experience

What behaviors have emerged in the multi-media, multi-screen and multi-channel world? How has social and digital changed the customer experience and path to purchase? How should customer engagement be defined and measured? How does social media create engagement? What methods provide insight?

Big data and analytics

What analytical skills will be necessary in a data-rich environment? What new marketing mix and predictive modeling will emerge? How can they be evaluated? How can social data be harnessed to provide insights? How should individual data be used? How can real-time decisions be influenced by big data? Read More

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