Fast Food Tries To Keep Up With Fast Casual

After massive suffering due to competition from Chipotle and other fast casuals, McDonald's is realizing it's time to regroup! Their most recent CEO has been booted as he led one of their worst revenue years in decades.  As of Monday, McDonald's has pledged to make itself a "modern, progressive burger company". So far the company that virtually started fast food has struggled to find the formula to keep up with consumers desire for healthier and fresher food options. With a new CEO in place, the company's first order of business is to switch to chicken raised with fewer antibiotics. Analysts suspect it won't be long before we see kale on the menu, despite an ad that once unapologetically praised its famous Big Mac saying "it will never be kale".  

Other fast food brands are making changes to keep up with the competition brought by the Fast Casual movement. Burger King is removing soda from being an option on the kids menu and will recommend juice or milk instead. Wendy's most recent ad campaign shows a head of lettuce traveling from the farm to your plate as a way to promote freshness.  Read more