Next up: Wendy's Tries To Keep Up With Fast Casual

The competition is heating up as fast food chains try to stay in the game with the fast casual movement. We are seeing some creative and over the top strategies from these QSRs– specifically with messages that they too care about health and sustainability. 

Realizing that consumers want to know where their food comes from and how it gets to their plate, Wendy's has launched a new ad campaign. To showcase the freshness of their food, the Wendy's commercial follows a head of lettuce from the farm to the table. Using a GoPro camera and promoting the healthy "my food is straight from the farm" trend, Wendy's is targeting the health-conscious millennials who demand to know where their food is coming from. What do you think of Wendy's strategy?  Click here to watch "Wendy's Romaine Lettuce Journey".