Fast Casual Chains to Watch In 2015

While Chipotle may have paved the way for Fast Casual, there are some new kids on the block with innovative concepts and smart business strategy ready to make their mark. Have you seen any of these brands pop up in your neighborhood? These are some top picks for Fast Casual stardom:

  Sandwich from Mendocino Farms  |

Sandwich from Mendocino Farms |

Chop't Creative Salad Company is already the leader in the premium salad fast casual segment. Currently, the chain has locations in New York and Washington DC but it is growing at a rapid pace. With over 50 toppings and seasonal specialties, there is nothing boring about these salads.

Mendocino Farms is a unique upscale sandwich chain based out of LA with 9 locations so far. They focus on local, seasonal and artisanal ingredients and like to reconstruct fine dining entrees to the sandwich level. Their innovative menu and modern twists on classic sandwiches is what sets them apart from the rest. 

Old world meets new school at Roti Mediterranean Grill.  They have a classic take on traditional mediterranean cuisine so it is authentic yet trendy enough to appeal to Millennials with gluten-free options and "freebird" chicken. Originating in Chicago they have already expanded east to New York and DC. Read More