"Which Wich" Makes Ordering Sandwiches Fun, Expands In the Northeast

This growing sandwich franchise with a progressive ordering concept already has 330 locations nationwide, the majority in California and the Southwest, and it's  still growing!  

So what makes "Which Wich" special and different from the other generic sandwich chains out there? In today's competitive  Fast Casual market, everyone is trying to make their mark. Fresh ingredients, good prices and quick service are becoming the standard shtick for these sandwich chains. Which Wich has a fun concept marketed to millennials where the guest is in control of their ordering process. Their order is completely customizable. Upon entry, each guest picks out a sandwich bag with either a build-your-own option or a signature sandwich design. They then grab a sharpie to mark which style they choose, add ingredients or any other modifications. The customer writes their name on the bag, hands it in and waits for their name to be called, while doodling during wait time. Doodled bags can then be hung in the "art gallery". This is truly an interactive Fast Casual experience that consumer can't seem to get enough of. Read More