Can Starbucks Become the Next McDonald's?

In yet another case of customers demanding great tasting and high-quality food, Starbucks is planning to expand its food offerings in hopes to become "The New McDonald's." Long gone are the days when quality suffered at the hands of speed and convenience.  As McDonald's sales continue to suffer, Starbucks looks to step in, and with more than 20,000 locations, they have the size and power to compete.  The coffee chain has been adding sandwiches and salads to its menu, and they're ones customers won't feel guilty about ordering. 

Analysts say Starbucks is the only large chain that offers millennial parents foods that they can feed their children without embarrassment or hesitation, all with the convenience of a fast-food chain. Starbucks knows the importance of capturing the millennial audience and their kids by serving organic, kid-friendly snack options such as greek yogurt and fruit squeezes. Today's kid consumers are savvier and more aware of what they are eating -- they aren't just looking for a happy meal with a toy.  Read More