No Toss-Up: Restaurants Jumping on Fast-Casual Pizza Trend


Step aside burritos, freshly-baked baguettes and gourmet burgers. A new fast casual contender has arrived on the scene and it wants to be on top -- with extra toppings, of course.

Pizza. It's no shock that it's made it's way to the fast casual sphere. Pizza is a classic, consumer favorite for its convenience and for the fact it's meant to be shared. But now, individual-sized pizzas can be customized and fired up in a few minutes to cater to the customer.

National Restaurant News has selected some of the rising stars of fast-casual pizza. They are currently small regional chains, but have large appeal. Unlike traditional pizzerias, known for quick deliveries and large pies, these restaurants allow guests to assemble smaller pies to how they see fit.

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Posted on May 29, 2015 and filed under Fast Casual, Fast Casual Trends, Restaurant Trends.