Adding a Little Spice to the Fast-Casual World

By Michelle Castillo, Social Media Coordinator


Indian food may be delicious, however, it isn't the most popular cuisine you'll find across U.S. restaurants. According to the Washington Post, Indian food accounts for only 1.2 percent of the ethnic food market share.

Despite the numbers, a small New York City Indian restaurant, Indikitch, may be the start of a new trend and is being hailed as the potential Chipotle of Indian food. Indikitch first opened in January 2014 in Flatiron and then expanded to a midtown Manhattan location in May. Like Chipotle, its food is about quality and fresh ingredients. Indikitch prides itself on all-natural, GMO-free ingredients and being a scratch-kitchen. The food is also prepared in front of the customers and invites them to its fast-casual ambience. 

Indikitch’s menu has four main choices. Customers can choose Feast, which is essentially a rice and meat plate with a side. They also have the option of a Biryani rice bowl, a Dosa meal, which are regarded as Indian tacos, and last but not least, a salad dish. Customers can select different meats, but half the menu is vegetarian-friendly, making Indikitch a restaurant that caters to many different taste buds. And for reasonable prices, as well!  

As guests move down the order line, freshly made sauces and chutneys are available. But that’s not all, folks! In order to differentiate the orders, Indikitch puts little flags on its food. And just like those flags, this Chipotle-styled, Manhattan-based restaurant is flagging down the fast-casual world with its unique twist. 

The bags say it all. “Life’s too short to waste it on the bland, the boring and the banal. A little spice, a touch of heat and a lot of love gives flavor to everything we do.” Read More