How 'fast casual' restaurants are redesigning the fast food industry

Fast-food giants that proved so adept for decades at capturing the desires of children are finding it challenging to keep the new kids into adulthood. Millennials, it seems, want their food quick and customized and they are finding it with a new breed of restaurant called 'Fast Casual'.

Chipotle's History and the Decline of the Fast Food Chains

You may or may not remember a time when Chipotle was not the mogul it is today. Like most compelling stories, the brand had a humble beginning. It all started with a vision, but to make that vision a reality was no walk in the park.

Farmed and Dangerous: Dangerous for Chipotle?

I am one of the biggest proponents of restaurants taking a dip into content development to deliver a message. The value of original content from brands has an unknown effect and performance that can impact a brand in many ways.

No More Guac? Chipotle Admits Climate Change Could Affect Ingredient Lineup

Global warming is no joke. Most of us are aware of the matter, but are blasé about it. If the idea of scarce agricultural resources don’t hit home for you, maybe this will process more effectively: Chipotle has announced that because of progressive climate changes, the chain may have to put an indefinite halt on guacamole and some of its salsas.

Chipotle Cuts Into a New Pie

The concept of fast casual has been one that I have studied, analyzed and reported on since 1993. In fact, I authored the very first book, The Chipotle Effect, on the subject matter of fast casual and the impact this effect has had on the American food consumer.

Food Evolution, Food Revolution: Chipotle Steals Top Social Brand Spot from Taco Bell

After two reigning quarters as No.1 on the coveted Restaurant Social Media Index Top 250 list, Taco Bell has fallen. The brand has slipped off the minds of the more than 53 million restaurant consumers being tracked in association to social and digital engagement over the past quarter.

Is competition driving a return to casual dining?

By the growth of fast-casual rivals, Paul Barron writes. bar offerings beyond beer … fast casual has steamed ahead of both the quick-service and casual … is competition driving a return to casual dining …

Web series highlights fast-casual game changers

Paul Barron's 10-episode web series "fast casual nation" goes behind the scenes at innovative fast-casual concepts around the country. the show explores trends including the "better burgers" at roam artisan burgers … web series highlights fast-casual game changers …

Web series explores "Fast Casual Nation"

Web series explores "Fast Casual Nation … Paul Barron, author of "The Chipotle Effect," has launched the web series "Fast Casual Nation" to explore the fast-growing fast-casual restaurant segment. The first 12-episode season features a mix of news, trends …

Report: Social Influencers drive fast-casual growth

Report: Social influencers drive fast-casual growth … the fast-casual segment of the restaurant industry grew 20.8% last … and influencers on social media, according to DigitalCoCo's fast casual social …

Author Paul Barron on "The Chipotle Effect"

Author Paul Barron on "The Chipotle Effect … the fast-casual revolution's early roots in the mid-1990s spurred author Paul Barron to write "The Chipotle Effect," a recently-published exploration of how the industry and online media came together in a "perfect …

Successful fast casuals cater to lifestyles

Successful fast casual concepts such as Panera and Chipotle cater … successful fast casuals cater to lifestyles … a few core concepts including speed, convenience and connections, writes Paul Barron in this excerpt from his book "The Chipotle Effect …

Social and mobile power fast casual's growth

Social media and mobile devices are connecting a growing number of consumers and fast-casual chains are figuring out how to use the new tools to power their growth, writes Paul Barron in this excerpt from his book … social and mobile power fast casual's growth …

Digital marketing's role in the restaurant recovery

and social media work to boost business, writes Paul Barron. smaller fast-casual chains including Five Guys, Panera Bread and Firehouse Subs … with consumers, and Barron offers a list of 10 tips for creating an effective …