Chipotle Effect eBook with extended video coverage

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ChipotleEffect-cover copy.jpg

Chipotle Effect eBook with extended video coverage

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First published in May of 2012 this is the only book that covers the fast growth segment of Fast Casual restaurants.  Author Paul Barron is the leading global expert in Fast Casual restaurant operations, branding and consumer mindset around the phenomenon of new age restaurant operations.

Top Chapters in the Book

Chapter 2 – From Big Macs to Bread 
Bakery Café is changing the game, and consumers love it

 Chapter 5 – An Industry in Flux 
The shift of the restaurant industry, and what it means to business not so usual 

Chapter 8 – Time-Shifting and the Death of Drive-Thru Nation
Consumers have figured out the keys to nirvana with fast casual

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What People are saying about this book:

“Paul is a true visionary. He understands where the restaurant industry is moving in the way that Steve Jobs understood where the personal technology industry was moving. I am in awe of Paul’s work and consider him to be a key business and vision mentor.”

~ Noah Glass, Founder,

“Whenever we need someone to talk about the latest new media technology and social networking techniques in the publishing business we call Paul. He has talked twice at our Niche Magazine Conference and has been outstanding.”

~ Carl Landau, CEO, Niche Media

“Paul is an incredible visionary in the communications industry and in the world of branding. While he is grounded in the here and now he can see emerging trends, as evidenced by his early identification of the fast casual segment and the subsequent development of the Fast Casual Alliance. He is uniquely adept at partnering with industry and concept leaders to identify and share these trends.”

~ Ed Frechette, Sr. VP, Au Bon Pain

“Working with Paul gave me an honorary MBA in new media. I learned more in my year working with Paul about Web 2.0 and how it interacts with marketing than I could ever learn at any university. His knowledge of new media, and more importantly, how it can be used to market products and services surpasses anything I’ve learned reading on the Internet.”

~ Barry Lauterwasser, Founder, Symbion Marketing

“If I were to compile a list of pioneers for the fast casual industry, Paul Barron would be on it. In The Chipotle Effect, he cements his stature as an astute observer of the industry. He understands the mindset of both the consumer and restaurateur, and combines these insights into a compelling study of the dynamics that have made the fast casual segment the darling of the restaurant industry.”

~ Don Fox, CEO, Firehouse Subs