The Film

“We set out to explore The Fast Casual restaurant movement and what we found is a complete societal shift. This is the food renaissance that we will look back upon, and simply say - that was when everything changed.”
— Paul Barron 2015

Paul Barron, Filmmaker and Author

Fast Casual Nation is the first documentary featuring supporting the unparalleled growth of the Fast Casual restaurant business.  
As an early pioneer of the segment I’ve spent the past 23 years tracking, identifying and analyzing what drives fast casual and the consumers that are changing everything about food today. I will unveil the secrets and vision behind this 50 Billion-restaurant segment.

Restaurant pioneers, executives, industry experts, chefs and innovators will walk you through over two decades of history and insider stories behind the restaurant segment that is setting Wall Street on fire. It explores the challenges and near extinction of the restaurant segment that could have never been.  
Revealed for the very first time on screen in this exclusive documentary you will meet the visionaries that took on the Fast Food business and won, a true David vs. Goliath story that will unfold in a cinematic fashion that has never been seen in food media before.

You will walk away with insights, awe and inspiration of the people and companies that are truly "Changing the way America Eats"